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American Samoa Vacations Travel Guide

Another lost paradise in the center of the Ocean: about the programme, a swim in the lagoons, fishing and diving with the coral reefs. The only real original point are these claims five island and 2 atoll archipelago fit in with the us since 1899, hence the American culture is indeed quite present, as cliché as is possible. Don't mistake these with Western Samoa, an unbiased neighbour territory, fifteen times larger.

American Samoa Locations
The territory of American Samoa lies some 2300 miles south, south-west of Honolulu as well as nearest neighbour is Western Samoa. Six of the islands are inhabited, as well as the largest is Tutuila where most of the population lives. Capital and major centres The capital Pago Pago, pronounced 'pango pango', sits on a beautiful harbour that can be seen from Mount Alava.

American Samoa Travel Guide Information

the unspoiled natural splendor of South Pacific Polynesia! Famed because of its rich culture and easy Samoan lifestyle, this hidden tropical island paradise delights travelers featuring its wildlife-rich woodlands, lush rainforests, breathtaking rugged coastal scenery, wonderfully peaceful bays, beautiful reefs, beaches and pristine marine sanctuaries. You'll find a variety of accommodation options from the most expensive towards the cheapest. If you are seeking an appropriate and practical location for company business or organising a romantic honeymoon, you're going to get a general holiday experience with the greatest standards of service in any of the American Samoa's hotels and return home with smiles and unforgettable memories. American Samoa consists of two separate counties sharing perhaps the most common history and identity, like the self-governing country of Western Samoa that is certainly composed of 7 islands and American Samoa, administered and affected by the us since 1899, comprising 5 volcanic islands (Tutuila, Ta'u, Olosega, Aunu'u, Nu'utele) and a couple tiny remote atolls (Swain's and Rose Island). Which has a total part of 76.2 square miles, American Samoa lies about a hundred km towards the south east of Apia (capital city of Western Samoa) the hub of Polynesia, housing over 58,000 inhabitants. The nation enjoys a tropical maritime climate moderated by southeastern trade winds and seen as two seasons: the rainy season (November to April) along with the dry season (May to October) with little seasonal temperature variation.The dragon-shaped island of Tutuila, the most important of yankee Samoa's islands renowned due to the steep coastline, beautiful mountains and several of the very dramatic scenery, is when the 95% from the islanders live. It is where you can Pago Pago, the heartbeat capital of yankee Samoa, boasting one of the most picturesque and deepest natural harbors inside the South Pacific. The harbor is that stays of the volcanic crater that once made the island of Tutuila. What will you discover in Pago Pago features a handful of banks, a few dining options which you could have sufficient good meals, grocery chains and several hotels and inns, including the upscale Hotel Sadie Thompson Inn, the shabbiest Rainmaker Hotel among others. In the western world portion of Pago Pago Matafao Peak - the very best reason for the island is found using a height of 653 meters. Tutuila is additionally you will find the attractive Alega Beach surrounded by shelly blue waters safeguarded by dangerous outer reef, well suited for surfing (although it could be dangerous) and swimming. The beach is known for its thriving Tisa's barefoot bar and also the stunning Alega Beach Resort with the tropical rainforest because backdrop. Places of interest in American Samoa include:

The sublime Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is often a submerged volcanic crater abundant with coral and tropical fish found on Tutuila's southernmost point. Here you'll be able to explore the coastal paleo-tropical rainforest, inhabited by fruit bats and flying foxes. The bay is flanked by steep cliffs, the perimeters which work as the nesting place of large seabirds.
Tula Village is an additional attraction around the northeastern tip of Tutuila, worth a visit that you will find a good beach to swim and laze out in any other case walk to beautiful Cape Mata'ula and Onenoa.
National Park of yankee Samoa is one area you ought not pass up. Blessed with gorgeous sandy beaches, pristine reefs, walking trails and lush rainforest, this protected area is when nature lovers will love native birds and wildlife, snorkel and dive in the crystal clear blue waters.

From hiking along a summit trail high above Tutuila's centerpiece harbor to visiting traditional villages and archeological sites to sinking down on the warm sand of your uncluttered beach, your holidays in American Samoa will become an everlasting experience!

What should You know before you go to American Samoa

1. Climate
Tropical with average temperatures of 26ÂșC. Rainy from October to March.

2. Clothing
Bikinis and brief clothing are acceptable from the beach and pool but may offend inside the villages.

3. Electricity
110 volts AC/50 cycles.

4. Time zone
GMT - 11 hrs. AEST - 21 hrs.

5. Currency
The currency in American Samoa will be the US dollar. Tipping is just not encouraged.

6. Visas and health
Visas aren't required for stays of less than Thirty days when you have an onward ticket. There isn't any departure tax with no vaccination certificates required.

Pros And Cos American Samoa Vacations Destination:
  • A genuine tropical Eden, nature as beautiful as around the first day, a loveable population: Samoa Islands have been feeding the hopes for romantic souls for 2 centuries.
  • An incredibly epicurean life-style, enjoying sunshine and fresh breeze in an exceedingly relaxed mind-set, indifferent towards the outer world.
  • Exceptional under-water depths, a number of the planet's most incredible.
  • A favourable season, well-timed as far as summer holidays are concerned.
  • Now cheaper flights to Oceania.

The horizon is bound to "sea and sun", a lazy type of tourism which might rapidly allow you to get weary and languid.
A really steeply-priced living, due to the should import most consumption goods.
A long flight, a tiring journey, jet lag and climate.


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