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Barbados Vacations Travel Guide

Barbados Locations :

Barbados is the most eastern island in the Caribbean, which is a small dot on many world maps with an section of 430 square kilometres (166 sq miles). Barbados has a population around 260,000 - quite high considering its size. With 97 kilometres (60 miles) of coastline, Barbados has much to make available its tourists in terms of aquatic events and beach activities: Hopefully you'll be spending your main day relaxing there!

Barbados Short Review
Long referred to as free airline Indies, the stunning Caribbean boasts greater than 7,000 islands; add to this a great deal of islets, cayes (small, low islands composed of coral and sand) plus some inhabited reefs, featuring turquoise waters and year-round sunshine, gorgeous sandy beaches, natural and man-made attractions as well as a blended mixture of different cultures. Barbados is not any exception. Though extremely small for the Caribbean island, Barbados has much to offer its tourists in relation to history, water sports and beach activities. Lazed back lifestyle, stunning natural splendor, spectacular beaches, buzzing nightlife, friendly people, relaxing atmosphere plus a very warm welcome ... Such is Barbados, one of the most easterly as well as the most enchanting island inside Caribbean.Located between your North Atlantic along with the Caribbean Sea, in regards to a hundred miles east of the Windward Islands, the pear-shaped island of Barbados covers an overall are of 160 square miles. The geography from the island is unique in its own way, featuring lowlands or gently sloping terraces plains separated by rolling hills. The topography is marked with Limestone Lands, covering almost all of the island with five sub-regions (Flatlands-St Lucy, Uplands-Central, Terraces and Cliffs-West & South, Valleys-St. George & St. Philip, Dome-Christ Church) and also the Scotland District on the eastern side in the island. The highest point is Mount Hillaby, inside Scotland District, at 340 meters above sea level.With warm Caribbean sunshine, mile-long exquisite beaches, sparkling aquamarine seas, pastoral landscapes, exotic hidden beauties, vibrant nightlife, charming villages, posh luxury resorts, plus much more Barbados is often a truly, perfect for travelers in search of fun, tranquility and relaxation. Holidays in Barbados are different things and over adventurous. Many travelers to Barbados are actually astonished by the volume of attractions about this small island. They are available to look around the hiking paths to historic plantation lands and rum distilleries, be a part of party cruises, walk along very long stretches of windswept beaches and go through the vibrant energy of Barbados.Most common for its British-flavored heritage, the island simply teems with active culture and thoroughly documented history which will help you stay as busy because you could ever aspire to be. The beauty of this enticing island along with the friendly people, better known for their natural warmth and dignity, will really help make your Caribbean holiday a really enjoyable and unique experience to become repeated again and again. Barbados guarantees the best when it comes to variety and luxury!The sophisticated West Coast offers superb hotels, excellent restaurants and spectacular beaches, one reason people arrive at this majestic island. Free airline coast boasts ideal sailing conditions virtually all all year round, as well as a host of other water activities, including diving inside island's turquoise waters teeming with coral gardens and marine life with underwater visibility of 70 to 80 feet, perfect snorkeling at Folkstone Marine Park, and game fishing, one of the best ways to have the island's ideal conditions and organic beauty. The East Coast which falls for the Atlantic side is also well-liked by beach attractions to match you different needs. The beautiful coastline the following is pounded through the surf creating this section of the island ideal for surfing. The South Coast is the liveliest coast blessed having a massive amount attractions and recreation, such as capital Bridgetown, excellent waves for wind and kite surfing, buzzing nightlife and fantastic bars. Carlisle Bay, Sandy Beach, Dover Beach and Casuriana Beach in the south coast is the place you can soak up on a sunny day playing the lullabies in the ocean.Barbados experiences a tropical pleasant weather which is driven by cool winds and comfy nights. Rainfall this is very refreshing and often it's even desired. June to October could be the hurricane season. The dry season runs between January and June.Bridgetown is the booming capital of the island and the only seaport with a population of nearly 97,000. It can be among the oldest cities inside Caribbean boasting attractive balconied colonial buildings and brash modern office blocks. This is a area of historic importance boasting several museums and art galleries with plenty to view. A 'must see' attraction in Bridgetown is the Sunbury Plantation House, a 300 year old landmark with a plethora of furniture exhibits, add a fantastic number of horse-drawn carriages. You must also see the famous Nidhe Israel synagogue, the oldest temple from the Jewish faith in the American continent. A most unusual Bridgetown attraction is the stunning Tyrol Cottage Heritage village the place that the arts and crafts will tell you the story of the island's conquerors and liberators. While in Bridgetown tend not to lose out the Atlantis Submarine, an exceptional experience to view the astonishing underwater life in Barbados without being wet.Bridgetown can also be home to a plethora of attractions, like Pelican Village, National Heroes Square, War Memorial and Fountain gardens, St. Mary's Anglican Church plus much more, as well as the best way to explore the location is actually foot. Here you can find shops, several fine dining options, banks and accommodations.

What Thing to do in Barbados

Barbados provides a vast array of attractions and land/water oriented adventures, like surfing, helicopter tours, catamaran sailing, safaris, spelunking (exploring caves) and cruising, yet strongly recommended include the 'must see' Seven Wonders:
  • Harrison's Cave is one of them which has a crystallized limestone cavern packed with underground steams, pools and interesting stalactites and stalagmites that propagate the cave.
  • The huge Baobab trees (Adansonia digitata, also referred to as 'Monkey-Breed tree' is another natural wonder you should see on your Caribbean vacation to Barbados. What's interesting about these trees is that they are estimated to be more than one thousand years of age reaching as much as 18.5 meters and also to give a good example of its size, 15 adults joining with outstretched arms are needed to cover its circumstances.
  • The virtually intact and massively restored Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill is probably the oldest mills in your neighborhood, found on a scenic mount within the beautiful north east from the island to learn about the island's archeological heritage and fascinating good reputation for sugar production. Techniques not miss out the event of grinding of sugar canes that can cause absolutely delicious cane juice worth a drink.
  • The plantation-style Historic Jacobean Mansions are a traditional portion of Barbados historical development, left within the Western hemisphere. Built in the mid 17th century the 2 architectural delights of St. Nickolas Abbey in St. Peter and Drax Hall in St George are aspects of the seven wonders of Barbados.
  • Cannon Galore, world's rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon.
  • Grapefruit Tree (Citrus Paradise), that in accordance with legend was created in Barbados in the beautiful Welchman hall Gully and was recorded inside Eighteenth century.
  • Famous Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue called Shaare Tzedek features beautiful Gothic arches and is now a Barbados national trust protected building plus an active synagogue.
What Is Top best in Barbados?
A. Top five Flying Fish Sandwiches in Barbados

1. Mr. Delicious
Mr. Delicious is a converted bus food stall located at Miami beach which is only 2 minutes from Oistins about the South coast of Barbados. When it’s time to have a break from experiencing summer, order the flying fish sandwich from Mr. Delicious which is generally one or two flying fish rolled inside a tasty batter, fried and added to a bun with a few hot pepper sauce. Simple but very tasty and also goes well with his homemade lemonade.

2. Zaccios
Located on the seaside down the middle of Holetown around the West coast of Barbados, Zaccios is ideal for casual dining during the day and night. Two panko crusted flying fish come served between a fresh sesame seed bun with fries and coleslaw privately. You will not leave here hungry!

3. Ju Ju's Beach Bar
Ju Ju?s Beach Bar is located around the West coast of Barbados and stretches down the Garden, St. James after dark Royal Pavilion hotel to florida. Two seasoned flying fish grilled or fried perfectly set between 3 layers of fresh sliced bread, garnished with salad bits and sliced into 4 quarters include homemade fries. The homemade seasoning they use at this beachfront bar is just delicious!

4. Flindt Patisserie and Bistro
Patisserie Flindt is located in Holetown opposite the new lifestyle centre, Lime Grove on the West coast. Here you're going to get 2 large panko crusted flying fish served on the bun with homemade fries, a fresh salad and even coleslaw quietly. This is the perfect place to settle back and relax (you will need to when you devour your tasty meal) but that’s ok because Flindt can be noted for it’s desserts, pastries and tea/coffee accompaniments (comparable to their scones and banana bread).

5. Cutters
Cutters is a reasonably small eatery in St. Philip about the East coast of Barbados, soon after The Crane Hotel. This flying fish cutter is just 2 seasoned flying fish which are grilled and placed from your fresh bajan salt bread after some hot pepper sauce and mayo if you want, but the fish is so crispy and the bread is so soft that it’s really all you want! However, you may also order among Cutters cold salads or macaroni pie on the side. Re-decorating that you will see probably the most potent but extremely delicious rum punch. Word of advice, contact your order beforehand and instead of eating there, require a picnic down to The Crane Beach and spend the morning.

B. The ten best beaches in Barbados!

1. Crane Beach
The Crane beachCrane Beach is located around the Se coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Philip, and it is suitable for picnicking with friends.

2. Ju Ju’s Beach
Ju Ju's beach at sunsetJu Ju’s Beach, even as at BPL reference it, can be found about the West coast of Barbados and stretches across the Garden, St. James at night Royal Pavilion hotel south.

3. Accra Beach
Accra beachAccra Beach is among the most popular beach around the South Coast of the island for locals and visitors alike.

4. Sandy Lane Beach
Sandy Lane beach offers great swimming conditions with an assortment of aquatic sports which may be booked with vendors around the beach.

5. Miami Beach
Miami beachMiami beach is just 2 minutes away from Oistins about the South coast of the island.

6. Cattlewash Beach
Cattlewash Beach is situated around the New england in the island, impossible to overlook when driving across the New england road.

7. Bottom Bay Beach
Bottom Bay Beach can be a wide stretch of pristine sand which is lined with coconut palms and shallow reefs with the shoreline.

8. Batts Rock Beach
Batts Rocks adjoins Paradise beach and then Brandons beachBatts Rock Beach marks a sluggish start a range of magnificent waters and white sandy beaches around the West coast of Barbados.

9. Silver Rock Beach
Silver Rock Beach is situated for the South coast and is an increasingly popular position for kitesurfers and windsurfers.

10. Little Bay
LIttle BayLittle Bay is the ideal destination to stop at by using an island tour. This bay is defined amongst rugged cliff edges and provides an organic pool that is safe for swimming.

American Samoa Vacations Travel Guide

Another lost paradise in the center of the Ocean: about the programme, a swim in the lagoons, fishing and diving with the coral reefs. The only real original point are these claims five island and 2 atoll archipelago fit in with the us since 1899, hence the American culture is indeed quite present, as cliché as is possible. Don't mistake these with Western Samoa, an unbiased neighbour territory, fifteen times larger.

American Samoa Locations
The territory of American Samoa lies some 2300 miles south, south-west of Honolulu as well as nearest neighbour is Western Samoa. Six of the islands are inhabited, as well as the largest is Tutuila where most of the population lives. Capital and major centres The capital Pago Pago, pronounced 'pango pango', sits on a beautiful harbour that can be seen from Mount Alava.

American Samoa Travel Guide Information

the unspoiled natural splendor of South Pacific Polynesia! Famed because of its rich culture and easy Samoan lifestyle, this hidden tropical island paradise delights travelers featuring its wildlife-rich woodlands, lush rainforests, breathtaking rugged coastal scenery, wonderfully peaceful bays, beautiful reefs, beaches and pristine marine sanctuaries. You'll find a variety of accommodation options from the most expensive towards the cheapest. If you are seeking an appropriate and practical location for company business or organising a romantic honeymoon, you're going to get a general holiday experience with the greatest standards of service in any of the American Samoa's hotels and return home with smiles and unforgettable memories. American Samoa consists of two separate counties sharing perhaps the most common history and identity, like the self-governing country of Western Samoa that is certainly composed of 7 islands and American Samoa, administered and affected by the us since 1899, comprising 5 volcanic islands (Tutuila, Ta'u, Olosega, Aunu'u, Nu'utele) and a couple tiny remote atolls (Swain's and Rose Island). Which has a total part of 76.2 square miles, American Samoa lies about a hundred km towards the south east of Apia (capital city of Western Samoa) the hub of Polynesia, housing over 58,000 inhabitants. The nation enjoys a tropical maritime climate moderated by southeastern trade winds and seen as two seasons: the rainy season (November to April) along with the dry season (May to October) with little seasonal temperature variation.The dragon-shaped island of Tutuila, the most important of yankee Samoa's islands renowned due to the steep coastline, beautiful mountains and several of the very dramatic scenery, is when the 95% from the islanders live. It is where you can Pago Pago, the heartbeat capital of yankee Samoa, boasting one of the most picturesque and deepest natural harbors inside the South Pacific. The harbor is that stays of the volcanic crater that once made the island of Tutuila. What will you discover in Pago Pago features a handful of banks, a few dining options which you could have sufficient good meals, grocery chains and several hotels and inns, including the upscale Hotel Sadie Thompson Inn, the shabbiest Rainmaker Hotel among others. In the western world portion of Pago Pago Matafao Peak - the very best reason for the island is found using a height of 653 meters. Tutuila is additionally you will find the attractive Alega Beach surrounded by shelly blue waters safeguarded by dangerous outer reef, well suited for surfing (although it could be dangerous) and swimming. The beach is known for its thriving Tisa's barefoot bar and also the stunning Alega Beach Resort with the tropical rainforest because backdrop. Places of interest in American Samoa include:

The sublime Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is often a submerged volcanic crater abundant with coral and tropical fish found on Tutuila's southernmost point. Here you'll be able to explore the coastal paleo-tropical rainforest, inhabited by fruit bats and flying foxes. The bay is flanked by steep cliffs, the perimeters which work as the nesting place of large seabirds.
Tula Village is an additional attraction around the northeastern tip of Tutuila, worth a visit that you will find a good beach to swim and laze out in any other case walk to beautiful Cape Mata'ula and Onenoa.
National Park of yankee Samoa is one area you ought not pass up. Blessed with gorgeous sandy beaches, pristine reefs, walking trails and lush rainforest, this protected area is when nature lovers will love native birds and wildlife, snorkel and dive in the crystal clear blue waters.

From hiking along a summit trail high above Tutuila's centerpiece harbor to visiting traditional villages and archeological sites to sinking down on the warm sand of your uncluttered beach, your holidays in American Samoa will become an everlasting experience!

What should You know before you go to American Samoa

1. Climate
Tropical with average temperatures of 26ÂșC. Rainy from October to March.

2. Clothing
Bikinis and brief clothing are acceptable from the beach and pool but may offend inside the villages.

3. Electricity
110 volts AC/50 cycles.

4. Time zone
GMT - 11 hrs. AEST - 21 hrs.

5. Currency
The currency in American Samoa will be the US dollar. Tipping is just not encouraged.

6. Visas and health
Visas aren't required for stays of less than Thirty days when you have an onward ticket. There isn't any departure tax with no vaccination certificates required.

Pros And Cos American Samoa Vacations Destination:
  • A genuine tropical Eden, nature as beautiful as around the first day, a loveable population: Samoa Islands have been feeding the hopes for romantic souls for 2 centuries.
  • An incredibly epicurean life-style, enjoying sunshine and fresh breeze in an exceedingly relaxed mind-set, indifferent towards the outer world.
  • Exceptional under-water depths, a number of the planet's most incredible.
  • A favourable season, well-timed as far as summer holidays are concerned.
  • Now cheaper flights to Oceania.

The horizon is bound to "sea and sun", a lazy type of tourism which might rapidly allow you to get weary and languid.
A really steeply-priced living, due to the should import most consumption goods.
A long flight, a tiring journey, jet lag and climate.

Fiji vacations and honeymoon destinations Guide

where is fiji?

Fiji, known as "The Crossroads of the Pacific", is located in the southwest Pacific, south of the Equator, and includes 330 islands, only 100 ones are inhabited, the remainder being left as natural reserves. After having a ten-hour international flight from Los Angeles, you get through the Nadi International Airport (pronounced Nan-di) around the largest island, which is sometimes called Viti Levu. You can remain with a resort about the main island in both the Nadi area, Denarau Island or on the Coral Coast or perhaps the spot around Pacific Harbour and Suva, or you can head to an outer island - either the Mamanucas, the Yasawas or up North for the islands of Vanau Levu or Tavenui in order to many of the other smaller islands which are based in the archipelago.

Fiji Information 

One of several world's friendliest nations, Fiji is blessed with flourishing tropical forests, dreamscape white coral sand beaches dipping into an azure lagoon, incredible marine life, rugged highlands, great terrestrial nature and all-year-round pleasant weather. Fiji is really a blend of fantastic nature and fascinating ancient cultures creating a setting found nowhere else on the planet. It's an ideal destination for a have the south pacific breeze and revel in honeymoon of your life or romantic wedding with flowers in your head and sand using your toes. For centuries the tropical exotic allures of Fiji have dazzled visitors from all of within the globe. Once notorious as the 'Cannibal Isles', Fiji has become the essence of a tropical island paradise.

Perfectly located at the South Gulf of mexico and covering a general land area of 18,376 sq km, Fiji archipelago consist of 322 islands and 522 islets, of which only 106 are permanently inhabited in support of few developed for tourism. The geography is covered with mountainous terrain, mostly dormant volcanoes. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two major islands within the group, housing nearly 80 percent in the population. Viti Levu may be the heart of the us, featuring high tropical mountains, rugged interior featuring its rivers, waterfalls, rainforests and rich wildlife, as well as large international hotel chains plus a plethora of land and water adventures.

Fiji experiences a great South Sea tropical maritime climate without extremes in temperatures; in summer climate hovers between 23C-30C along with winter 20C - 26C. The wet season is actually from November to April, characterized by heavy, brief coral downpours. May to November is the better time for it to look at the Fiji Islands.

Suva, the funding of Fiji, is really a beautiful harbor city, located on a hilly peninsula within the southeast corner of Viti Levu. It's the largest city in your neighborhood and also the most cosmopolitan city. It can be where you can a great deal of places of interest and attractions, including Fiji Museum, Thurston Botanical Gardens, Victoria Parade, Suva Central, Fiji's tallest building, Albert Park and much more. Here you will find many restaurants offering several types of cuisines suitable for almost any taste and budget. Accommodation options in Suva vary from budget hotels and inns like Capricon Suva Apartment Hotel, Tanoa Plaza and Suva Motor Inn to up market boutique hotels, including Five Princes Hotel, JJs on the Park Hotel and Novotel Suva Hotel.

Fiji Vacation

Fiji is home to a great selection of colorful places of interest, including Nadi, the first island most visitors see famous for the architectural diversity, Yasawa, another region of Fiji offering beautiful waters and sandy beaches, Sunshine Coast with amazing mountain views, Pacific Harbor or perhaps the so-called 'Adventure Capital of Fiji', Kadavu, among the pristine regions boasting lush rainforests and wildlife plus much more. Fiji supplies a number of entertainment activities, lively and pulsating nightclubs and pubs, promising a real Fijian experience, in addition to lots of things to do, like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, cruising, eco tours, birding, fishing and fire walking.

Fiji comes with a complete island paradise with something for everyone; for this reason many people plan their holidays in this truly dreamscape destination. Three issues that are routine of Fiji Vacations are the word 'Bula' meaning 'welcome' and 'be at ease', the friendliest people, and finally are the world-class resorts on private islands. Fiji is home to loads of island areas, quite different from each other, which beckon using their incredible natural and cultural attractions and a wide array of land and water adventures.

Vacation in Fiji means great scuba offering diversity and spectacle in coral structures and underwater life, best snorkeling experiences, sea kayaking with 'glass bottom' vessels which allow coral viewing on your paddle, local village excursions, mangrove adventures, windsurfing and fishing. Kayaking is amongst the fastest-growing tourism attractions, featuring the great strategy to explore the Fiji Islands. You can bask under the sun while lying in a very hammock; immerse yourself inside turquoise blue waters from the lagoon, or exercise your body during hiking or trekking adventures. Yet no Fiji vacation is finished without some retail therapy.

4 Place when you honeymoon in Fiji

1. Beqa Island
Located off the coast from the Pacific Harbour, el born area is renowned for the diving resorts that provide guests the most effective tropical honeymoon getaway. Considered as probably the most famous lagoons within the world, it's got tranquil deep blue waters which might be quite relaxing for the eyes. Local resorts offer various kinds Fiji All Inclusive Honeymoon packages.
2. Mamanuca Islands
Comprising several islands which can be quite picturesque and romantically breathtaking it really is conveniently in closeness for an International airport. This is an excellent for vacationers and honeymooners as it will be very easy to reach the resorts when from the airport.
3. Coral Coast
Close to the Nadi International Airport, it is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Couples can take advantage of activities such as looking at coral reefs and walking on the shore. The coral coast gives its guests the opportunity to just relax, relax and absorb that great tropical weather.
4. Kadavu Islands
With several packages for the guests and honeymooners, this number of islands consist of remote private beaches. This really is perfect for all those wanting some quality time alone on their own honeymoon. If it’s a personal Fiji honeymoon that you're trying to find, then this Kadavu Islands could be the best honeymoon place to go for you.
Top Resorts and Hotels in Fiji
  • Sheraton Fiji Resort. As one of the most quality resorts in Fiji, the Sheraton offers newly-refurbished rooms, dining and sports facilities, and even high-speed internet.
  • Radisson Blu Resort Fiji. Located on the beachfront with amenities such as a pool, spa, restaurant, and golf & racquet club.
  • The Pearl South Pacific Resort. On the beachfront, this resort overlooks the beautiful Beqa Lagoon.
  • Fiji Beach Resort & Spa. Managed by the Hilton, this resort has three restaurants and a children's club.
  • Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa. Located in Nadi, Sofitel has a full-service spa and private beach.
  • Novotel Nadi. Perfect for business or leisure, this Fijian hotel is close to the airport and only ten km from downtown Nadi.
  • Outrigger on the Lagoon. Deluxe resort in the heart of the Coral Coast and set on a white sand beach amongst 40 acres of tall palms and lush tropical landscaped gardens.
  • Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa. Located on Yanuca Island, Shangri-La is perfect for spectacular views of the ocean.
  • Lomani Island Resort. This boutique resort on the Malolo Lailai Island is perfect for a private getaway.
  • Mango Bay Resort. Located in Viti Levu, Mango is a low-cost resort but is high in fun and amenities.
Fiji well known as 'the Soft Coral Capital with the World' which is a Mecca for many adventures, fun seekers, romantic couples, families, dreamers and other people who dreams about an experience a person. Visit Fiji and discover the concept of spectacularly breathtaking beauty and the ultimate South Pacific holidays.
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